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Students preparing for Engineering examination will be able to access their full course content and learn key concepts via interactive tutorials. Learning and testing resources are available .

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Ultraviolet-B | Environmental Issues Catalytic converter | Environmental Issues
Greenhouse gases | Environmental Issues Defunct ships and e-wastes | Environmental Issues
Radioactive wastes | Environmental Issues Biological magnification | Environmental Issues
Write critical notes on the following Eutrophication | Environmental Issues Discuss the causes and effects of global warming. What measures need to be taken to control global warming? | Environmental Issues
Can you think of a situation where we deliberately want to make a species extinct? How would you justify it? | Biodiversity and Conservation What are sacred groves? What is their role in conservation? | Biodiversity and Conservation
Give three hypotheses for explaining why tropics show greatest levels of species richness. | Biodiversity and Conservation Name the three important components of biodiversity | Biodiversity and Conservation
Write important features of a sedimentary cycle in an ecosystem. | Ecosystem Distinguish between Upright and inverted pyramid | Ecosystem
Distinguish between Production and decomposition | Ecosystem Distinguish between Grazing food chain and detritus food chain | Ecosystem
List any three important characteristics of a population and explain | Organisms and Populations Effects of temperature or water scarcity and the adaptations of animals. | Organisms and Populations
Importance of light to plants | Organisms and Populations Write a short note on ´┐ŻAdaptations of plants to water scarcity | Organisms and Populations
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